Tom Seaver, Scorpio Soul of the Mets

(Sept. 3, 2020) The birthchart of Tom Seaver, who passed away this week, shows his deep connection with the Mets franchise. His Sun and Mars of 25 degrees Scorpio hold an exact conjunction to the Mets’ Venus of the same degree. Venus in a key planet to the Mets birthchart since it is the despositor

A’s Test Positive Under Pluto Transit

(August 31, 2020) An undisclosed individual in the Athletics organization tested positive for the Covid virus on August 29, which forced the team to cancel their Sunday game against the Astros. The positive test was revealed under the transit of an opposition between Venus at 23 degrees Cancer to Pluto of 23 degrees Capricorn. MLB

Mercury Brings Sox No-Hitter

(August 26, 2020) White Sox righthander Lucas Giolito threw the first no-hitter of the 2020 baseball season under strong transits to his Virgo and Gemini planets. Mercury and its signs Virgo and Gemini rule pitchers, and Giolito’s birthchart is highlighted by a t-square that includes Venus in Virgo, Mars in Gemini, and Saturn in Pisces.

Aries Brewers Become Protest Leaders

(August 26, 2020) In keeping with their bold Aries Ascendent, The Milwaukee Brewers challenged the baseball establishment and demonstrated their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement by refusing to take the field in the wake of the shooting a Jacob Blake in nearby black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The Brewers’ protest occured as Mars

Saturn Says A’s Are Real

(August 25, 2020) Are the A’s for Real? The Oakland Athletics currently tied with the Twins for the best record in the American League, which defies their pattern of slow starts. But the big question is how will the fare in a post-season this year.  Although they are frequently in the playoffs, the A’s have

Pluto and Jupiter Deck Cardinals

(Aug. 13, 2020) The St. Louis Cardinals, who have not played a game since multiple players of their team tested positive for Covid-19 on July 30, took a punch in the face from Pluto and Jupiter, as both planets are exactly conjunct their Ascendant. The triple conjunction between Jupiter, Pluto, and Capricorn brought the Corona

Marlins Season Interrupted Under Neptune Transit

The first set of games postponed after Opening Day center around the Corona outbreak within the Marlins team. The stoppage was announced on July 27, 2020 as the square between Mercury in Cancer to Mars in Aries formed an opposition and a square to Neptune in Capricorn within the Marlins birthchart. Neptune, which corresponds with

Ohtani Knocked Out by Mercury Mars Square

(July 26, 2020) Shohei Ohtani returned to pitching under the transit a Mars Mercury square, which turned out unfavorable for him and the Angels. Ohtani surrendered five runs and was not able to retire a single Oakland batter. The Angels’ birthchart has Mars in the Sixth House of pitching. In Ohtani’s return from Tommy John

Blue Jays Can’t Go Home

Transits to Jays’ Saturn in Cancer Keep them in U.S. (July 18, 2020) With the Sun conjunct their Saturn in Cancer, the Toronto Blue Jays received the news that due to the Corona pandemic they will not play any games on their home field this baseball season and must play every game on U.S. soil.

Puig Finds Saturn Home in Atlanta

Transits Auspicious as Puig Begins Saturn Return The Braves signing of controversial right fielder Yasiel Puig appears as a win-win for both parties as the Saturn aspects between the birthcharts of Puig and the Braves are both dynamic and harmonious. This year, Yasiel Puig is 28-years-old and experiencing his Saturn return. Puig has been accused

Posey Guards Other Home

Catcher’s Decision to Wait Out 2020 Season Consistent with Cancer Values Giants catcher Buster Posey announced he would sit out the 2020 season, stating the health of his newly adopted twin daughters is his priority and he would not risk exposing them to the Corona virus by playing this year. He made the announcement on

Will we Have Baseball in 2020?

Will the 2020 Major League baseball season take place? On May 11, 2020, the owners agreed on a plan for opening a limited season on July 4 weekend, but it needs approval from the players union.  Astrologically, I am looking at the chart of the National League to eyeball developments on this question. I did