October 25, 2021

If Games One and Two of the 2021 World Series begin at their scheduled times` (7:09 CDT in Houston), their first pitches will be thrown with Uranus near an exact conjunction with the Ascendant in Game One and Games Two. These aspect favors the offense of the away team, Atlanta, in both games. Since the away team bats first, Atlanta will have this powerful aspect active as they are batting. (When a planet is conjunct an axis, it greatly increased the chances of runs scoring for the team that is batting while the axis is within one degree of orb to the planet.)

Game One October 26, 2021 7:09 pm CDT Houston, Tx

NLCS MVP Eddie Rosario is the Braves left fielder and their likely lead-off hitter for these games’ first at bats. When an axis is conjunct to the planet Uranus, this aspect greatly favors a left fielder who is at bat, since Uranus is the left fielder’s ruling planet. It certainly helps that Rosario just won the NLCS MVP award, but he will also have the planets aligned for him at the beginnings of Games One and Two.

Another aspect to watch in Games One is Venus in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces and semi-square to Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect combines two soft planets of Venus and Neptune in a challenging aspect, and it may not be favorable to either team. This square can bring a dreaminess that results in errors or inattentive play. For Houston, this aspect is opposite and square their Moon in Virgo. Since the Moon rules Cancer, there is possibility of errors or passed balls from the Houston catchers. For the Braves, transiting Venus is trine to their Neptune at 19 degrees Aries and transiting Neptune is parallel to their natal Neptune. This is a soft aspect that may not be visible on the field of play. But this aspect also involves a semi-square to Saturn. Although this is a challenging aspect, Saturn may be able to ground the square of Venus and Neptune, allowing all three planets to channel for a comeback or a walk off. Houston has already channeled this semi-square in a positive manner. A few days ago, the Astros won their pennant as Neptune was conjunct the MC and Saturn was semi-square the MC.

In Game One, the Moon at 13 Cancer will be approaching a square to Mercury at 14 Libra. This will form aspects to the Astros natal opposition of Saturn at 12 degrees Capricorn and Mars at 11 Cancer, but the orb is likely too wide to have a discernible affect on the field of play, which normally need an orb of less than one degree.

World Series Game 2, Oct. 27, 2021 7:09 pm CDT Houston, Tx

In Game Two, the Moon in Cancer will be opposite Pluto. This aspect will energize the Braves’ natal aspect of Moon and Mercury conjunct in Capricorn opposed by Uranus. The planet Pluto has been conjunct the Braves’ Moon and Mercury for much of the 2021 Season. In Game Two, the Moon in transit will conjunct the Braves’ Uranus. Expect offensive production from the positions of Catcher, ruled by the Moon, Pluto, ruled by Pluto, and left field, ruled by Uranus. For the Astros, the Moon opposite Pluto aspect will be absorbed as square aspect to their natal Sun of 24 Libra. Expect, their right fielder, ruled by the Sun, to deliver. Also their catcher and third baseman. In addition, the Astros birthchart has Venus at 25 Sagittarius square to Uranus at 25 Leo. These planets will also be energized by the Moon-Pluto opposition. Expect offensive production from the positions these planets rule: second base, center field and left field.