Bringing Astrology to Baseball and Baseball to Astrology

Many of us recognize that magical quality within the game of baseball. But so far, nothing has been written that makes lucid the spiritual aspect of baseball. Baseball: An Astrological Sightline demonstrates the transcendental nature of baseball through the methodology of astrology. This book shows how the stars and planets affect the course of every baseball season and every baseball game. What was the curse placed on the Cubs? What was the miracle of the 1969 Mets? These mysteries and many more are answered through the lens of astrology.


  • Astrology of the Golden State Warriors
    I have been asked if I have a birthchart for the Golden State Warriors. I do have a birthchart of the Warriors but the chart is not yet rectified. I have cast this chart for June 6, 1946. The 9:00 am birth time is an approximation.  I have also cast the chart for San Francisco, … Read more
  • Pluto Puts to Rest the Indians Mascot
    What’s in a name? When the Cleveland franchise was called the Indians, the name included controversy and 106 years of tenacity; perhaps what you could expect from an Ascendant in Capricorn afflicted by a square from Saturn and another square from a Moon in Aries. The Cleveland franchise recently put to rest the “Indians” mascot … Read more
  • Gabe Kapler in Vibe with Giants’ Scorpio and Taurus Energy
    (July 30, 2020) Gabe Kapler, the Giants first-year manager, has yet to establish trust with the San Francisco fans, but his birthchart shows he has a great resonance with the Giants’ franchise. The Giants’ birthchart has a strong polarity between planets in Scorpio and Taurus. Their Moon, North Node, and MC are in the sign … Read more