2021 World Series Ends in Atlanta Nov 2, 2021 11:33 pm EDT Atlanta, Ga

When the last out of a baseball season is recorded, there is invariably an aspect from an axis to Saturn or to a planet in Capricorn. (This aspect will exist to a planet in transit or to a planet within the winning team’s natal chart.) The 2021 season ended unusually in that this aspect from an axis occurred in Atlanta, the winning team’s home city, rather than in Houston where the last game was played. When Game 6 ended at 11:33 pm EDT in Atlanta, the Descendant was conjunct the Braves natal Moon and Mercury in Capricorn. Also at that moment, Pluto, which had been conjunct the Braves Moon and Jupiter in 2021, was setting in Atlanta. The conjunction of Pluto to the Braves’ Moon had contributed to the regeneration of the Braves from a losing record in the early months to a championship in fall.

Atlanta Braves Jan. 20, 1871 8:20 am EST Atlanta, Ga

The key moment of Game 6 occurred in the first inning as starting pitcher Max Fried’s ankle was stepped on by the Astros’ Michael Brantley while Fried was covering first base. Fried nearly had his ankle broken or sprained but he would continue playing. This play occurred at 7:22 pm CDT with the MC conjunct to the Braves Ascendant and Venus in Aquarius. Earlier in the year, Saturn has been exactly conjunct the Braves’ Ascendant within one degree while Uranus in Taurus was square to their Ascendant within one degree as well. This play symbolically holds the Braves’ 2021 season and the team’s ability to win despite hardships. The Braves have the Sun, Ascendant and Venus in the Aquarius. It is interesting to note that the sign of Aquarius rules ankles. Fried’s ankle did not break, and it withstood the weight of Brantley. Friend would go on to pitch six scoreless innings. Ironically, he was charged with an error for not covering the fist base bag on the play, even though replays showed that Brantley had missed the bag and could have been tagged out.

Fried Stepped On Nov 3, 2021 7:22 pm CDT Houston, Tx.

Back in April, when the League withdrew the All-Star game from Atlanta over voting rights issues, Saturn was exactly conjunct the Braves Ascendant, while Uranus in Taurus was square to the Ascendant. Saturn brought hardships to the Braves in 2021 as the team suffered injuries to key players including their left fielder Ronald Acuna. (Aquarius rules left fielders.) With Saturn conjunct their Ascendant in Aquarius, their star left fielder was in line for an injury.

The Braves 2021 season brought many obstacles, and the last one was the missed call that allowed Brantley to reach first base while Max Fried nearly had his ankle broken. But the Braves had persevered with Saturn hardships though out the season. The ankle did not break, and Fried would pitch with Saturnian determination for six shutout innings. And soon Saturn would crown the Braves the champions.