Notes on Game 5

Nov. 1, 2021 Game 5 occurred on a near lunar return for the Astros, as the Moon in transit was almost exactly conjunct their natal Moon. Still, but by the end of the game, the Moon in transit had advanced to within one degree of the Astros natal Moon and it had been well-channeled by

Transits for Game 5

October 31, 2021 The chart for Game 5 does not have an obvious signature for the Braves to clinch the World Series. They are ahead in the Series, 3 games to 1, but the chart for Game 5 does not have a Saturn aspect looming which would indicate an end to the baseball season. (When

Notes on Game 4

October 31, 2021 The Sun Saturn square brought another tight tense contest for Game 4. The Saturn energy also brought a late-inning Braves comeback as they overcame a 2-0 Astros lead, scoring one run in the sixth inning and two runs in the seventh inning. Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson channeled the aspect of Mars at

Transits for Game 4

Like in Game 3, the Sun and Saturn are square to each other. Expect another close game. This game may not be low scoring like Game 4, since it lacks the opposition of the Moon to Jupiter. A new aspect is Mars at 0 degrees Scorpio square to the Braves Sun of 0 degrees Aquarius.

Notes on Game 3

The Square from the Sun to Saturn manifested in a tight tense game. The Braves held the lead from early on but it was a slim and fragile lead. Houston was always within striking distance of tying and even winning the game. Atlanta’s first run was scored at 9:20 as Venus was conjunct the Descendant.

Transits for Games 3

Oct. 29, 2021 Two transits stand out in the chart of Game 3: the Sun in exact square to Saturn, and the Moon near to an exact opposition to Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter are currently 15 degrees apart. This is a minor aspect called a quattuorvigintile or semi-duodecile. It is generally not given much attention,

Notes on Game Two

In Game Two, the opposition between the Moon and Pluto would energize Venus and Uranus within the Astros’ birthchart.The key moment of Game Two occurred soon after Saturn was conjunct the MC. Saturn at 7 degrees Aquarius was exactly conjunct the MC at 7:35 pm CDT. At 7:47, Jose Siri, the Astros center fielder ruled

Notes on Game One

October 27, 2021 In my most recent blog post, I noted that Uranus conjunct the Ascendant would at the start of the game would favor the Braves’ offense. The leadoff hitter Jorge Soler hit a homerun on the third pitch of the game at 5:12, three minutes into the game. Uranus rules the homerun in

Transits to Watch in Games One and Two

October 25, 2021 If Games One and Two of the 2021 World Series begin at their scheduled times` (7:09 CDT in Houston), their first pitches will be thrown with Uranus near an exact conjunction with the Ascendant in Game One and Games Two. These aspect favors the offense of the away team, Atlanta, in both

Giants Collide Under Mars Pluto Opposition

August 14, 2021 Wars can start when Mars and Pluto oppose each other. In baseball, similar violence can happen when the deep dark energy of Pluto is opposed by the aggression of Mars. There may be a bench clearing brawl. There may be a collision on the field, which leaves one or both players injured.

Harass the Pitchers or Baby the Batters?

Major League Baseball new enforcement against the use of pitchers applying substances to baseballs reflects a strengthened advantage of batters against pitchers in the birthchart of the National League. Changes in the rules and policies of Major League Baseball are generally mirrored in transits to the chart of the National League. The new enforcement policy

Padres First No-Hitter Under Saturn Transit

The San Diego Padres finally recorded the first no-hitter in franchise history on April 9, 2021 under transits to their natal Saturn and Pluto. The Padres birthchart contains a quincunx aspect between Saturn of 20 degrees Aries and Pluto of 20 degrees Virgo. The Padres franchise has been playing since 1969, and Padres fans had

Neptune Crowns Dodgers NL Champs

October 20, 2020 The Dodgers won the NL pennant on Oct 19, 2020 at 8:53 pm PDT on an unusual aspect from Neptune. Normally, when the last out is recorded in a pennant-winning or World Series-winning game, there is a precise aspect from an axis point to Saturn in transit or to natal Saturn in

Saturn brings Brosseau HR

October 9, 2020 Mike Brosseau hit the game winning home run to win the AL Division Series for the Tampa Bay Rays as Saturn was conjunct the MC. Saturn’s influence is at its greatest in post-season games. The hit occurred at 7:20 PDT in San Diego as the MC of 25 degrees, 6 minutes Capricorn

Transits to Watch in Rays Yankees Series

The Division Series between the Yankees and Rays will be influenced by the sextile of Neptune in Pisces to Jupiter in Capricorn; the square of Mars in Aries to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn; and the opposition of Mercury in Scorpio to Uranus in Taurus. Neptune has been exactly conjunct to the Rays Sun in

Transits to Watch in A’s Astros Series

(October 5, 2020) The Division Series between the Oakland Athletics and the Houston Astros will be played under transits that are favorable to both teams, including a Mercury and Venus returns for the A’s. Teams that survive into the post-season are operating under positive transits from outer planets. The most powerful outer-planet transit for the

Full Moon Favors A’s over White Sox

Oct 1, 2020 Today’s Game Three Wild Card playoff game between Oakland and the White Sox will be played under a Full Moon in Aries that will favor the Athletics. When the game starts at 12:10 PDT, the Moon will be positioned at 8 degrees, 11 minutes of Aries and trine to the A’s Jupiter

Air Sign Mariners Stop Games for Bad Air

(Sept. 15, 2020) In this season of strange stoppages, the Mariners did not play their home games of Sept 15 and 16 due to bad air from the fires in the Pacific Northwest. The Mariners’s birthchart has a grand trine in the air element: the Sun in Aquarius, Mars in Gemini, and Pluto in Libra.