The scene between Warriors teammates Draymond Green and Jordan Poole, which ended with Green punching his younger teammate, occurred under two severe transits to the Warriors’ natal chart. The altercation occurred during a Warriors practice on October 5, 2022. A video of the scene exists, but the exact time of the fight is not yet known.

Golden State Warriors June 6, 1946 9:00 am PST (estimated time) S.F. Ca.
Green Strikes Poole Oct 5, 2022 12 noon PDT San Francisco, Ca.

A noon chart for Oct 5 contains the Moon and Saturn conjunct to other at 18 and 19 degrees Aquarius. Both of these transiting bodies are opposite the Warriors natal Mars of 22 degrees Leo. Another aspect involving Mars is the square between transiting Mars of 22 Gemini square to transiting Neptune of 23 Neptune. This square formed a difficult aspect to the Warriors birthchart as Mars was conjunct to Warriors natal North Node of 21 degrees Gemini and Mercury of 23 degrees Gemini.

Draymond Green March 4, 2022 12 noon PST San Francisco

Draymond Green’s birthchart was also experiencing difficult transits on October 5. His chart contains Pluto at 18 degrees Scorpio, which absorbed the felt the Moon- Saturn conjunction as a square and Uranus in Taurus as an opposition. A chart of Green cast for noon has his Moon at 24 degrees Gemini, which experienced a conjunction from Mars and a square from .