Division Series Game 1 Oct 7, 2023 6:20 pm PDT Los Angeles

Much is being made of Clayton Kershaw’s weak start for the Dodgers’ in Game One of the Division Series against the Diamondbacks. But the transits to the Dodgers chart would have made it a very difficult outing for any Dodgers pitcher on Oct 7. When the game began, the dominant aspect was a T-square involving Pluto near 28 Capricorn, Mars at 27 Libra and the Moon at 0 Taurus. These three bodies formed a difficult opposition and two squares to the Dodgers’ Neptune of 27 degrees, 37 minutes Aries. Since the Dodgers Mercury is in Pisces, their Neptune is the dispositor of their Mercury. And Mercury rules pitchers. Kershaw as the Dodgers’ starting pitcher was forced to absorb the combined energy of Pluto, Mars and the Moon. This was too much to hold for even a future Hall of Famer.

Los Angeles Dodgers April 1, 1874 10:30 am PST Los Angeles
Clayton Kershaw March 19, 1988 Dallas, Noon Chart (birthtime unknown)