October 29, 2023

In Game Two of the 2023 World Series, Arizona’s running game was given added octane by the conjunction of Mars and Mercury. The key transit to the Diamondbacks’ Game Two show of speed was Mercury and Mars conjunct at 10 and 11 degrees Scorpio. Both these planets were trine within one degree to the Diamondbacks’ Ascendant of 10 degrees Cancer. Mercury rules the running game and Mars conjunct to Mercury give it more energy and speed. The Diamondbacks’ “small ball” was on display as they scored 9 runs on 16 hits on their way to defeating the Rangers.  When a team scores 9 runs, it usually happens with the help of homeruns, but Arizona only hit one homerun, and that one was hit with no one on base.  The Diamondbacks only stole one base in Game 2, but they did make 3 sacrifice bunts. Of their 16 hits, 12 of them were singles and 2 were doubles.

World Series Game 2 Oct. 28, 2023 7:03 pm CDT Arlington, Texas

Arizona Diamondbacks March 9, 1995 1:02 pm MST Phoenix, Az

At least once, Mars made a Diamondback runner reckless when Tommy Phan was picked off of second base.