World Series Game 3 Oct 29, 2021 8:09 pm EDT Atlanta, Ga.

Oct. 29, 2021

Two transits stand out in the chart of Game 3: the Sun in exact square to Saturn, and the Moon near to an exact opposition to Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter are currently 15 degrees apart. This is a minor aspect called a quattuorvigintile or semi-duodecile. It is generally not given much attention, but in Game 3, it will enhance Jupiter and Saturn to work together as the Moon and Sun, which are 75 degrees apart, are forming another little recognized angle called the squile.

Games with strong Saturn aspects, such as this one, are often often close ones decided in the late innings. They can also bring comebacks. This game could be decided in extra innings or in a walk-off. Games with strong Jupiter aspects have a lot of scoring, as Jupiter rules the batter. An opposition from the Moon to Jupiter could work either way, energizing the offence or shutting it down.

Both the Braves and Astros have been channeling the energy of Saturn. The Astros natal Pluto of 7 Virgo is in a good degree to absorb the Sun-Saturn square within one degree of orb, but the angle is a quincunx, which can be problematic. The Braves natal Mars of 6 Libra is just outside of one degree of orb from a direct trine to Saturn. Yet it is receiving Saturn from a favorable aspect.

Regarding Jupiter opposition with the Moon, neither team has a planet in the 22nd degree of a sign. But the semi-duodecile between Jupiter and Saturn may allow the Braves to channel Jupiter through their natal Mars; and for the Astros to channel Jupiter through their natal Pluto.

Atlanta Braves Jan. 20, 1871 8:20 am EST Atlanta, Ga
Houston Astros Oct. 17, 1960 10:15 am CST Houston