Oct. 24, 2021

When the Atlanta Braves won the 2021 National League pennant on October 23 at 11:44 pm EDT in Atlanta, the IC was just past 4 degrees Libra, conjunct to the Braves natal Mars of 6 degrees Libra within 2 degrees and exactly square to the Braves natal Saturn of 4 degrees Capricorn within less than one degree of orb. (When pennants and World Series are won, there is an exact aspect from an axis to Saturn in transit or to Saturn in the winning team’s natal chart.)

Braves Win 2021 NL Pennant 11:44 pm EDT Oct. 23, 2021
Atlanta Braves January 20, 1871 8:20 am EST Atlanta, Ga

The Braves natal chart has a heavy Saturnian emphasis. Not only are the Moon and Mercury in the sign of Capricorn, but Saturn is conjunct their South Node. The Braves also have Mars square to Saturn, which indicates hardships in one’s path but an ability to focus one’s energy towards goals. The 2021 Braves embody the power in this square by overcoming the loss of star outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. and a below .500 record into August. They persevere despite tough obstacles.