World Series Game 3 Oct 29, 2021 8:09 pm EDT Atlanta, GA

The Square from the Sun to Saturn manifested in a tight tense game. The Braves held the lead from early on but it was a slim and fragile lead. Houston was always within striking distance of tying and even winning the game.

Atlanta’s first run was scored at 9:20 as Venus was conjunct the Descendant. Austin Riley hit a double that brought home the Braves only run until the eighth inning.

At 9:30, Alex Bregman was hit by a pitch on his foot. This occurred as Neptune was conjunct the MC. Neptune rules the feet. It also may rule sacrifices and getting hit by pitches.

The Braves’ outstanding pitching and near no-hitter was helped by the opposition from the Moon to Jupiter. Jupiter rules the batter, and the opposition from the Moon brought strength to the pitchers of both teams.