Rangers win 2023 World Series Nov 1, 2023 9:01 pm MDT Phoenix, Az

When the Texas Rangers won the World Series at 9:01 MDT on Nov. 1, Saturn was conjunct the MC in Phoenix, Arizona. At the moment  a World Series ends and champion is decided, there is inevitably a significant aspect from an axis point or the Moon to Saturn in transit or to Saturn in the birthchart of the winning team.

Texas Rangers Oct. 26, 1960 3:01 pm CST Arlington, Tx

Shortstop Corey Seagar won the Series MVP award. Seager was able to take advantage of positive transits to the Rangers’ birthchart, which helped him improve his play. The planet Mars rules shortstops and the Rangers natal Mars at 14 degrees Cancer received a trine from Mars in transit at 13 and 14 degrees Scorpio in Games 4 and 5. The Rangers Mars would also receive trines from Mercury in Scorpio in the World Series.

The Rangers natal Neptune is located at 8 degrees, 40 minutes Scorpio. In Games 4 and 5, the Sun was conjunct the Rangers’ Neptune.  The Sun conjunct to one’s Neptune can be a time when dreams come true, but it can also bring an inattentiveness that allows an opportunity to slip away. The Rangers franchise had played 61 seasons without a World Series win. In Game 5, Neptune did allow a dream to come true for the Rangers franchise.

The Rangers have the Moon in Capricorn. In an individual’s chart, the Moon in Capricorn can bring depression as the lunar flows of emotion are stifled in the sign of Capricorn. Similarly, the Rangers’ franchise has given its fans much cause for depression with the dislocation from Washington in 1972, the multiple 100-loss seasons, and their regular first-round playoff exits of the 1990s.  But in 2023, Pluto in Capricorn was exactly conjunct the Rangers’ Moon of 27 degrees Capricorn. A Pluto conjunction brings a purge of old patterns and opens up possibilities for new energies. This year, Pluto cleared the way for the Rangers to hold the energy of champions.