In my decades of observations of astrological aspects in post-season games, I have found there is inevitably a precise aspect from an axis point to Saturn at the end of a pennant-winning or World-Series winning game. This aspect can apply to Saturn in transit or to Saturn in the birthchart of the winning team.

Rangers win 2023 AL pennant Oct 23, 2023 10:26 pm CDT Houston, Tx

Saturn and the Sun were in exact trine to each other and trine to the Ascendant in Houston when the last out of the 2023 ALCS was recorded and the Texas Rangers won the pennant. The Ascendant of 2 degrees, 36 minutes Cancer was trine to Saturn of 0 degrees, 37 minutes Pisces. The Ascendant was also trine to the Sun of 0 degrees, 28 minutes Scorpio and Mercury of 3 degrees, 5 minutes Scorpio. These trines are larger than 2 degrees, which is an unusually wide orb. Usually, these orbs involving Saturn are not wider than 1 degree in such deciding games. But a general rule in astrology states that if the Sun or Moon is involved, the orb of influence is expanded. Here both the luminaries were involved. The Sun was exactly trine to Saturn with an orb of 9 minutes, and the Moon in late Aquarius was conjunct to Saturn in very early Pisces.

Texas Rangers Oct. 26, 1960 3:01 pm CST Arlington, Texas

The other striking aspect at the end of this Game Seven is the conjunction of the Descendant to the Rangers’ Jupiter of 0 degrees Capricorn (also with a wide 2 degree orb). Aspects to Jupiter are not signatures of championship-winning games. But aspects to planets in Capricorn do emerge in these games.  Since Saturn rules championship games, its ruling sign of Capricorn can have a presence when champions are crowned.