March 13

Soon after the National League experienced its Mercury return on March 10, the MLP Players Association and Major League Baseball came to an agreement that ends the lockout and permits a full 162-game season. By the time the agreement was fully complete, Mercury was also exactly conjunct the National League MC and the Moon in Gemini was exactly conjunct the National League Ascendant. Gemini and Mercury energy allowed the lockout to end. The abundance of Mercury and Gemini energy allowed the sides to communicate in a productive manner and reach an agreement.

Earlier, Rob Manfred has delayed the start of the season as Mercury and Saturn were conjunct at 18 degrees Aquarius and in hard aspects to the NL’s grand cross in fixed signs. When the agreement was reached, Mercury had separated away from it’s conjunction with Saturn into its return position of 29 degrees, 58 minutes Aquarius and then into a conjunction to the NL MC of 1 degree Pisces. Likely, the National League’s Mercury return allowed the sides to better communicate.

Venus is usually present upon such agreements. Jupiter has been conjunct the NL Venus of 15 degrees Pisces for at least three weeks, which should have proved favorable. But instead the sides became hardened in their stands. By themselves, Jupiter and Venus were not able to finalize an agreement.

Lock Out Ends March 10, 2022 4:00 pm Jupiter, Fla
National League Feb. 2 1876 1:20 pm New York, NY