On Nov 2, 2022, the Houston Astros pitched a combined no-hitter in Game 4 of the World Series as Mercury in transit formed a conjunction to their natal Part of Fortune and their natal Neptune. Aspects involving Mercury are present in outstanding pitching performances, as the planet Mercury rules pitchers.

Last Out of Astros No-hitter Nov 2, 2022 11:29 pm EDT Philadelphia
Houston Astros Oct 17, 1960 10:15 am CST Houston, Texas

The square between Saturn and Uranus also contributed to the Astros’ no hitter. The Astros pitching staff is a manifestation of their Moon in the pitcher’s sign of Virgo and their Mercury in Scorpio. This season, the Astros Mercury has been channeling the energy of the Saturn-Uranus square as it has absorbed it as an opposition from Uranus and a square from Saturn. Similarly, the Astros’ Virgo Moon has received the energy of Uranus as a trine and the energy of Saturn as a quincunx.

Earlier in the season, the Astros pitched a combined no-hitter under similar transits. Here is my previous blog post on their no-hitter of June 25, 2022 against the Yankees.