May 6, 2021

Under a Saturn transit, Orioles pitcher John Means credited his recently deceased father for helping him choose his pitches as he threw a no-hitter against the Seattle Mariners. Saturn is the planet of fathers, and Means father died in August of last year. Means was born in 1994, a year of a strong square between Pluto in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius, which appears to have endowed Means with the Pluto ability to connect with the dead, specifically his father embodied in Saturn. During the no-hitter, Jupiter in transit at 29 degrees Aquarius was conjunct to Means’ natal Saturn of 28 degrees 36 minutes.

John Means No-hitter May 5, 2021 12:40 pm PDT Seattle, Wa.
John Means April 24, 1993 12 noon EDT Baltimore

The Orioles are experiencing Jupiter in late Aquarius as a square to their Sun and Jupiter opposition. Jupiter squares often lead to excess and wasted energy. But this Jupiter square was grounded by Venus at 26 degrees Taurus conjunct the Orioles natal Jupiter. Jupiter brought the Orioles a no-hitter which may inspire Orioles players and fans for years to come.

During Means’ no-hitter, the Orioles also experienced the transit of the Moon at 9 degrees Pisces square to their natal opposition between Mercury and Neptune/ Pluto. The Moon brought out the strength within this opposition that has Neptune and Pluto in the pitcher’s sign of Gemini and Mercury, the pitcher’s planet, on the other end.

Baltimore Orioles Nov. 20, 1893 11:22 am EST Baltimore, Md.

An interesting aspect between the birthcharts of John Means and that of the Orioles is the conjunction of Means’ natal Mars to the O’s Descendant. When Mars is conjunct another’s Descedant, it can make someone a difficult partner, but it can also prove them to be an inspiring thorn. Means’ chemistry with the Orioles should prove interesting to observe.