March 1, 2022

Strikes, lockouts, and other interruptions to the baseball season are reflected in transits to the birthchart of the National League. Today’s announcement by Commissioner Rob Manfred that the first week of the baseball season is cancelled occurred as Saturn conjunct Mercury at 18 degrees Aquarius formed hard aspects to the planets of the National League’s grand cross in fixed signs.

National League Feb 2, 1876 1:15 pm New York, NY
First Week of Season Cancelled March 1, 2022 2:00 pm EST New York, New York

The National League’s grand cross includes Sun, Saturn, and Mercury loosely conjunct in Aquarius opposed by Uranus in Leo. These planets are squared by the Moon and Pluto in Taurus opposed by Jupiter in Scorpio. The transit of Saturn and Mercury at 18 Aquarius was conjunct near the midpoint between the NL Sun of 13 Aquarius, Saturn of 27 Aquarius and Mercury of 29 degree of Aquarius. Transitting Saturn and Mercury are exactly opposite to the NL Uranus of 18 degrees Leo.

In labor relations, Uranus and the Moon generally represent the players; whereas the Sun and Saturn represent the owners.