Athletics Give up 17 Walks April 14, 2023 6:40 pm Oakland, Ca.

In a game with some very unusual numbers, On April 14, 2023, the Athletics coughed up 17 walks, 17 earned runs and lost 17-6 to the Mets. At the start of the game, the Moon was positioned at 17 degrees Aquarius square to Uranus at 17 degrees Taurus.

Since six Athletic pitchers participated in this game, this performance is best explained by transits to the team birthchart rather than transits to the birthcharts of individual players. The key transit that undid the A’s staff was Venus at 4 Gemini square to Saturn at 4 Pisces. Both these planets made uncomfortable aspects to the A’s South Node of 4 degrees Gemini. As the sign of Gemini rules pitchers, this difficult square from Saturn has brought severe challenges for the A’s staff, who currently have the worst stat sheet in MLB. Venus conjunctions are generally considered benefics, but Venus can also bring a laziness and inattentiveness, which harm sports performance. Saturn will continue to be in a tight square to the A’s South Node further into the month of April. Transits to the charts of baseball teams have a very narrow orb of 1 degree. This square will be out of orb on April 27. Saturn will continue to go direct in Pisces but then go retrograde and back within a 1 degree org square of the A’s South Node in the month of August. The A’s pitching should stabilize soon only to sink again when the square is exact again in August.

Oakland Athletics Oct 14, 1900 6:35 am Oakland Ca.

This game also included a 7 rbi performance from Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor. The Mets’ birthchart underwent a Mars return during this game. As Mars rules shortstop, this transit resulted in Lindor’s outstanding performance.

New York Mets Oct. 17, 1960 11:15 am NY. NY