World Series Game Two Oct. 27, 2021 7:09 pm CDT Houston Texas

In Game Two, the opposition between the Moon and Pluto would energize Venus and Uranus within the Astros’ birthchart.The key moment of Game Two occurred soon after Saturn was conjunct the MC. Saturn at 7 degrees Aquarius was exactly conjunct the MC at 7:35 pm CDT. At 7:47, Jose Siri, the Astros center fielder ruled by Venus, hit a weak but effective bouncing ball that scored two runs. Siri would himself would eventually score the fourth run of the the inning. Jose Altuve, the second baseman, also ruled by Venus, would have 2 hits including a home run in Game Two. Michael Brantley, the Astros left fielder, ruled by Uranus, would bat 2 for 4 with one rbi.

Houston Astros Oct. 17, 1960 10:15 am cst Houston, Tx