Kamila Valieva April 26, 2006 Noon -03 MSK Kazan Russian

Russian ice skater Kamila Valieva was born with a very strong Grand Cross in the fixed signs. Her Sun in Taurus is anchored by a square from Saturn in Leo, the sign of sports and performing arts. This aspect made her a tenacious competitor and performer.  Less fortunately, her Sun and Saturn are opposed by Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Aquarius, planets which form a less reliable combination. When expansive Jupiter and murky Neptune come together, there is a loss of proper limits. A Jupiter-Neptune conjunction occurs in the birthchart of the Cincinnati Reds and it was active in the gambling scandals of Pete Rose and Hal Chase. In Valieva’s chart, these planets form the aspect that threw her into the center of the doping scandal of the 2022 Winter Olympics. Her Jupiter-Neptune square became especially energized this year by solar arc progressions as she turned 15. At this age, her progressed her Saturn of 5 degrees Leo formed an exact opposition to her Neptune of 19 degrees Aquarius. It is very likely that Kamila had been using performance enhancing drugs at an earlier age, but her 15th year was the one that progressed Saturn brought her usage into the public eye. Her Saturn is in Leo, which corresponds to the harsh glare of the public spotlight. The sign of Leo brings sunlight, which is a pretty different environment from that of her Jupiter in Scorpio, which operates in the dark. The sign of Leo also rules children. Kamila Valieva is only 15-years-old and not yet an adult. She is experiencing the oppression of Saturn on her childhood. The joyous play of childhood is being contorted by Saturnian demands of the state. Ice skating should be fun, but under the Saturnian apparatus of the Russian Olympic Committee, it becomes extremely oppressive.

The use of steroids and performance enhancing drugs, like other things technological, fall under the rulership of Uranus, sinc. (The San Francisco Giants, the team of Barry Bonds, has a square of Uranus to Jupiter.) This unrectified birthchart for Kamila Valieva does not have an obvious Uranus placement. Her natal Uranus in Pisces is loosely conjunct to her Venus with a 9 degree orb. Kamila’s Uranus is also part of a Grand Trine in the water signs with Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars in Cancer. The lack of a strong Uranus in her personal chart suggests she was not operating under her own Uranian individualistic energy when she broke rules and took performance enhancing drugs but was likely coerced to do so.

Women’s Figure Skating Long Program Feb. 17, 2022 7:00 pm -08:00 AWST Beijing, China

This is the chart for the approximate time when Kamila hit the ice in the long program for the women’s figure skating competition. She would surprise the world by falling and finishing in fourth place. The Saturn-Uranus square, which has been the signature aspect for many of the unusual moments in sports this year, is forming miserable conjunctions to Kamila’s birth chart. Saturn at 17 Aquarius is conjunct her Neptune, imposing Saturn’s hard reality against her Neptunian dreams of an Olympic medal. Uranus at 11 degrees Taurus is conjunct her Sun of 6 degrees Taurus. Uranus is often portrayed as a rebel and a liberator. Here, Uranus is defying the rules but not for a noble purpose. Here, the transit of Uranus indicates the use of performance enhancing drugs.

A perhaps more challenging transit for Kamila is that of Neptune conjunct her Venus. This indicates a melting of ideals and values. Her sense of personal values were taken from her by Neptunian figures operating around her and through her.  She was very likely taken advantage of by Neptunian adults who lacked a moral compass. There also was no Saturnian or Cancerian parental figure watching out for her.

The major aspects of Neptune, Uranus and Saturn were operating through Kamila, forcing the 15-year-old onto the world stage. But the transits of inner planets Mars and Venus also affected her. In the chart for her performance, Mars and Venus are conjunct at 17 degrees Capricorn and square to her Mercury and Moon in Aries. Square aspects to one’s Mercury can upset one’s coordination. Accidents are common under this aspect. Kamila’s Moon is in the sign of Aries, which gave her the competitive nature needed to succeed in sports. But at age 15, her emotional nature was not seasoned enough to withstand a difficult aspect from Mars and Venus. Harsh aspects to one’s Moon usually bring emotional disquiet. Kamila was emotionally distracted before she took the ice; and would experience a public emotional breakdown afterwards.

Such is the cruelty of the planets and the government agents and Olympic authorities who they operate through.