(Sept. 3, 2020)

The birthchart of Tom Seaver, who passed away this week, shows his deep connection with the Mets franchise. His Sun and Mars of 25 degrees Scorpio hold an exact conjunction to the Mets’ Venus of the same degree. Venus in a key planet to the Mets birthchart since it is the despositor of their Sun in the sign of Libra. Seaver’s Sun and Mars sparked an alchemical process with the Mets’ Venus. His presence brought them to a new caliber of play. Before his arrival, they were a Neptunian team content to lose. But Seaver brought legitimacy to the Mets. After many 100-loss seasons, he led them to the World Series championship in 1969.

Tom Seaver Nov. 17, 1944 Noon Chart. Fresno, Ca.
New York Mets Oct. 17, 1960 11:15 AM EST New York

Tom Seaver’s Saturn in Cancer is exactly conjunct to the Mets’ Mars. This aspect reflects Seaver’s leadership. In May of 1969, the team was celebrating after reaching the .500 mark. But Seaver expressed that .500 was not enough and not a cause for celebration. This was Seaver’s Saturn prodding the Mets’ Mars, insisting it have discipline and a higher aspiration. The Mets’ Mars still embodied a group of boys who were not yet champions. But under the leadership of Seaver’s Saturn, the Mets would become champions.

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