Will the 2020 Major League baseball season take place? On May 11, 2020, the owners agreed on a plan for opening a limited season on July 4 weekend, but it needs approval from the players union.  Astrologically, I am looking at the chart of the National League to eyeball developments on this question. I did something very similar during the strike of 1994. Then, transits to the National League chart proved to be an accurate reflection of the interruption and reopening of  Major League baseball. 

On May 11, 2020, Mars was positioned at 29 degrees Aquarius, conjunct to Mercury in the birthchart of the National League. Interestingly, when the season was put on the shelf on March 12, Mercury was positioned at 29 degrees Aquarius. That day, the National League was having a Mercury return. 

Transits to the NL Mercury are important to watch as we try to discern whether we will have baseball this year. In the NL birthchart, Mercury is conjunct to both Saturn at 27 degrees Aquarius and the MC of 1 degree Pisces. Mercury is also part of a grand cross in the fixed signs, involving Pluto in Taurus, Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Leo. Transits to any planet in this grand cross affect all the others.

Another transit to consider is Uranus in Taurus, which is conjunct to the National League Moon.  The proposed season needs approval from the Players Association. The Moon represents the players as a mass entity. A Uranus aspect can bring labor strife, as Uranus is often out to disrupt authority. This conjunction may bring an objection from the players to the salary reductions or to playing under conditions they consider unsafe, which will further delay Opening Day. 

On the bright side, Mars will enter Aries at the end of June and be conjunct to the National League’s North Node during the July 4th weekend. When Mars enters Aries, new energy is unleashed. It may be as if spring is starting all over again and baseball will be the perfect rite of spring to herald Mars in Aries.  

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