(September 12, 2020)

On a day dripping with Neptune energy, something odd was bound to happen in the baseball world. With the Sun directly opposition Neptune on Sept 11, the Piscean Rays channeled Neptune by fielding the first-in-MLB-history, all-lefty lineup.

The Rays, whose natal Sun is positioned at 19 degrees Pisces, were primed to asborb the energy of the transit towards a creative purpose. This baseball season, their Sun has been receiving an exact conjunction from transiting Neptune in Pisces. In Friday’s game, the Rays’ Sun would also received an opposition from the Sun in transit at 19 degrees Virgo.

Rays All-Lefty Line Up Sept 11, 2020 6:40 pm EDT St. Petersburg
Tampa Bay Rays March 9, 1995 12:57 pm EST St. Petersburg

Research by Francesca Oddie makes the point that lefties have strong water energy and their birthcharts often have Neptune-Mercury aspects. Birthcharts of left-handed presidents support this claim: Ronald Reagan’s birthchart has Mercury opposite Neptune, while Gerald Ford’s birthchart has the Sun conjunct Neptune.

Not to be ignored, the Rays went on to beat Boston 11-1. They not only employed lefty hitters but began the behind southpaw pitcher Blake Snell.

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