Transits to Jays’ Saturn in Cancer Keep them in U.S.

(July 18, 2020) With the Sun conjunct their Saturn in Cancer, the Toronto Blue Jays received the news that due to the Corona pandemic they will not play any games on their home field this baseball season and must play every game on U.S. soil. This decision from the Canadian government came on July 18, 2020 with the Sun in transit at 26 degrees Cancer exactly conjunct the Jays Saturn. Also, the conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto (the planets considered the harbingers of the pandemic), was positioned in Capricorn with all three planets in opposition to the Jays Saturn.

Toronto Blue Jays
March 26, 1976 1:54 pm. Toronto
Blue Jays Not to Play in Toronto
July 18, 2020. 12 Noon. Toronto

The Jays’ Saturn is in Cancer, the sign or stadiums, homes, and home cities. This placement of Saturn suggests hardships in such realms, but the Jays do not have a history of rundown or uncomfortable ballparks. Nor do Blue Jays players complain about the foreignness of Toronto, as some Expos players would do when they experienced difficulty adapting to French speaking Quebec. The harsh news of this transit, however, clearly involves the fact that Toronto is a city outside the United States borders.

Here, Saturn has manifested as a border wall, one not built by Trump but by the Canadian government. Since Saturn is in the sign of Cancer, it keeps people from coming home.

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