Saturn Conjunct Rangers’ Moon Reflects Parks Hardships

In spite of unimaginable delays, the Rangers will finally play their first official game at their new ballpark on July 24. Globe Life Field has withstood not only the pandemic of 2020, but also a fire and insults to its looks. Such slings and arrows are what the team could expect with its Moon in Capricorn, as the Moon rules stadiums and Capricorn is the sign of hard knocks.

Globe Life Field Opens
July 24, 2020 7:05 pm CDT Arlington
Texas Rangers
Oct. 26, 1960 3:01 pm CST Arlington, Texas

With all the challenges, the Rangers July 24 Opening Day will fittingly be played under the shadow of the Great Malefic as Saturn in transit at 28 Capricorn will be exactly conjunct the Rangers natal Moon. Normally, the opening of a stadium is accompanied with a tremendous fanfare, with a sold out crowd, former players, politicians, and celebrities in attendance. But the opening of Globe Life Field will be a subdued one with no fans in the stands. Texas Governor Greg Abbott will throw out the first pitch in a video link, which may be the high point of the celebration. As disappointing as this may appear, the Rangers have a strong and stoic Moon that can withstand such hardships. With the Moon in Capricorn and Mars opposite to Saturn, this franchise is built to endure such difficult times.  

Globe Life Field

Although the transits for the July 24 opening of Globe Life Field are hard ones, the recent eclipse appears auspicious for the Rangers and their new park. The July 4, 2020 lunar eclipse occurred at 14 degrees Capricorn and conjunct the Rangers’ Saturn; while the Sun at 14 degrees Cancer is conjunct to the Rangers Mars in Cancer, the sign of stadiums. Lunar eclipses in such tight aspects correspond to major life events.  Moving to a new stadium with air conditioning and a retractable roof is certainly is a major life event.

The July 4 eclipse will also affect the team on the field. Expect the eclipse to be felt at the position of shortstop, which is ruled by Mars; and the position of catcher, ruled by the Moon. Keep an eye on shortstop Elvis Andrus, catcher Robinson Chirinos, their backups, and/ or replacements.

posted July 21, 2020

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