Transits Auspicious as Puig Begins Saturn Return

The Braves signing of controversial right fielder Yasiel Puig appears as a win-win for both parties as the Saturn aspects between the birthcharts of Puig and the Braves are both dynamic and harmonious.

This year, Yasiel Puig is 28-years-old and experiencing his Saturn return. Puig has been accused of lacking the Saturnian qualities of discipline and maturity. Often times, a person who lacks such Saturn traits is confronted with events that force them to grow upon a Saturn return. Other times, the maturing to arrives with a Saturn return just happens without drama or forced hardship. Regardless of how Puig’s Saturn return plays out, the Braves will provide a solid stage for the experience.

Yasiel Puig
Dec. 7, 1990 Noon Chart
Cienfuegos, Cuba
Atlanta Braves
Jan. 20, 1871 8:20 am Atlanta

Yasiel’s natal Saturn is located at 23 degrees Capricorn, exactly conjunct the Braves Moon and Mercury. His Mercury of 6 Capricorn and Uranus of 8 Capricorn is conjunct to the Braves’ Saturn. The Braves Moon and Saturn are perfectly positioned to provide the energy of nourishing but firm parents as Puig experiences his Saturn return. Puig has faced a life of extreme challenges for Uranian freedom, including his repeated attempts to leave Cuba that even included being kidnapped by a drug cartel. He exuberant style emerges from both his playful Leo Moon and his Uranian urge for freedom. The year 2020 will be a period for Puig to channel these urges through the new maturity of his Saturn return. It will be interesting to witness how Puig, often accused of immaturity, develops as a player and as a man.

On July 14, sources revealed that Puig has signed a one-year contract with the Braves pending a physical exam. On that day, the Sun at 23 degrees Cancer formed an opposition to both Pluto and Jupiter at 23 degrees Capricorn. The transits experienced that day by the Braves are very profound. The transitting Sun was conjunct the Braves natal Uranus, the planet of home runs and left field. Although Puig generally plays right field in keeping with his Moon in Leo. The Braves may end up playing him in left field, since they signed him on an aspect to their natal Uranus, the planet of left field. Regardless of his position, expect him to slug home runs in 2020 as Uranus rules the longball.

Puig Signs with Braves
July 14, 2020 Noon. Atlanta

The conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto to the Braves Moon is an even more intense transit. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is the aspect that has brought the Corona virus. As the Moon corresponds to the team as a whole, it is the Jupiter-Pluto transit to the Braves Moon that brought down first baseman Freedie Freeman who tested positive and Nick Markakis who opted to not play this year. Puig’s signing may bring a needed inspiration to the team as a whole.

A mature Wild Horse could energize the Braves in this very challenging season of 2020.

July 15, 2020

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