(August 26, 2020)

White Sox righthander Lucas Giolito threw the first no-hitter of the 2020 baseball season under strong transits to his Virgo and Gemini planets.

Lucas Giolito July 14, 1994 Santa Monica, Ca. Noon Chart

Mercury and its signs Virgo and Gemini rule pitchers, and Giolito’s birthchart is highlighted by a t-square that includes Venus in Virgo, Mars in Gemini, and Saturn in Pisces. This t-square is the source of his strength as a pitcher. When he pitched his no-hitter on Aug. 25, these planets received the energy not only from transitting Mercury but from the first quarter of the lunar cycle. Mercury in transit at 11 degrees Virgo formed a conjunction to his Venus in Virgo; Mercury also formed a square to his Mars in Gemini and a very tight opposition to his Saturn in Pisces. In addition the Sun in transit at 3 degrees Virgo made a tight conjunction to his Venus of 4 degrees Virgo. And the First Quarter Moon at 7 degrees Sagittarius formed a square to his Sun and an opposition to his Mars at 8 degrees Gemini.

Luis Giolito No-Hitter Aug 25, 2020 7:11 CDT Chicago

Giolito’s birthchart is also undergoing intense transits to both his Sun and his Uranus-Neptune conjunction. This year’s most impactful aspect is the conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This conjuncion has brought the Corona virus and the social unrest in the U.S. These planets are are conjunct Giolito’s Uranus-Neptune conjunction and opposite to his Sun in Cancer. Under this transit, Golito is likely experiencing a period of deep personal tranformation. His no-hitter shows he has harnassed this difficult transit in a positive manner.

Chicago White Sox Nov. 20, 1893 10:22 am CST. Chicago

The White Sox birthchart was also active during Giolito’s no-hitter. The opposition between Mercury and their Neptune-Pluto conjunction received Mercury as a tight square. As Mercury rules pitchers, aspects to the Sox’ Mercury affect their pitchers. Similary, the Sox’ Neptune and Pluto are in the pitchers’ sign of Gemini. Transits to these planets also affect the Sox’ pitchers. Square aspects are generally considered malefics. But since these Sox planets are natally in a challenging opposition, the team was able to harnass the difficult transit into a positive force.

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