(August 25, 2020)

Are the A’s for Real?

The Oakland Athletics currently tied with the Twins for the best record in the American League, which defies their pattern of slow starts. But the big question is how will the fare in a post-season this year.  Although they are frequently in the playoffs, the A’s have only once advanced beyond their opening round since 1990. The transits of 2020, however, suggest that this year the A’s may advance well into the month of October.

The A’s usually start slow because the baseball season begins with planets in the sign of Aries, which is energy in opposition to their Sun and Ascendant in the sign of Libra. This year, the season began in July with the Sun in Cancer. Since the A’s have the Moon in Cancer, the beginning of the season brought energy that was more hospitable to them.

Oakland Athletics Oct. 14, 1900 6:35 AM Oakland, Ca

But how will the A’s play in October? For insights, we look to the planet Saturn, which crowns pennant winners and World Series champions. Saturn also brings comebacks, walk-off wins, and grand slams, which the A’s have had plenty of this season. The A’s have been winning with Saturn conjunct their IC of 27 degrees and 9 minutes of Capricorn.

Will Saturn stay in a close enough orb to the A’s MC to keep them playing deep into October? Generally, transits to the chart of a baseball team only have a orb or 1 degree.

Saturn is currently retrograde at 26 degrees, 18 minutes Capricorn, which is within 1 degree of the A’s IC. It will remain retrograde until September 28, when it goes direct at 25 degrees, 29 minutes of Capricorn. For the month of September and almost all of October, Saturn will be outside of a 1 degree orb to the A’s IC. But will Saturn still have a winning influence on the A’s when it is beyond a 1 degree conjunction?

There are other features in the A’s chart that may be able to keep the positive energy of Saturn flowing when it is at 25 degrees Capricorn in September and October. Then, their natal Mercury of 10 degrees Scorpio will be channeling Saturn from a squile (75 degrees) aspect. And the A’s Moon of 11 degrees Cancer will be receiving Saturn from a quindecile (135 degrees) aspect.

The post-season schedule has not been released. Still we can imagine a World Series in the last week of October. If the World Series were to end on October 31, Saturn would be positioned at 26 degrees, 10 minutes Capricorn, within a 1 degree orb to the A’s IC. Mercury willl be retrograde at 26 Libra, square to Saturn and the A’s MC. If the A’s can stay in the race until Halloween, they can take good advantage of this transit and be crowned the champs by Saturn.

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