Baseball: An Astrological Sightline


The Magic of Baseball Made Clear

Many of us recognize that magical quality within the game of baseball. But so far, nothing has been written that makes lucid the spiritual aspect of baseball. Baseball: An Astrological Sightline demonstrates the transcendental nature of baseball through the methodology of astrology. This book shows how the stars and planets affect the course of every baseball season and every baseball game. What was the curse placed on the Cubs? What was the miracle of the 1969 Mets? These mysteries and many more are answered through the lens of astrology.

Praise for Baseball: An Astrological Sightline

César Love has put together an amazing collection of the astrology of baseball. Not only are there team charts, player charts, a great background on baseball, he tosses in how to apply astrology to America’s Pastime! Whether in the heat of a pennant race, at the All-Star break, off season, or spring training, this work is a must for the avid baseball fan. The only thing missing are peanuts, Cracker Jacks and hot dogs (allergies and organic preferences not withstanding). This work is a home run. Phillip Sedgwick, author The Astrology of Transcendence and The Astrology of Deep Space.

With brilliance and passion, César Love has journeyed deep into two distinctly different realms of magic and mystery and used the wonders of each to illuminate the other. In his Baseball: An Astrological Sightline, Love has gazed into the legends of summer through the multi-faceted jewel of astrology and revealed them to also be legends of stars and planets. Love not only explores the celestial forces at work in baseball’s hottest pennant races, darkest scandals and most heroic feats, he also demonstrates how the occult science of astrology can be used to plumb the depths of psyche and map the twists of fate. Richard Power, author Wyrds of Power: New Language for a New Reality.

As an astrology-naïve sports fan, I found Baseball: An Astrological Sightline to be bewildering yet intriguing, as though I were getting a chance to peek behind the curtain to find out what’s really going on in the world of baseball. This book is extremely well-researched with an intro for newcomers, and it got me thinking that maybe it’s time to take the plunge … Rick Leskowitz MD Psychiatrist, author The Joy of Sox: Weird Science and the Power of Intention.

In Baseball: An Astrological Sightline, César Love takes a very fresh view of the histories of the various baseball teams. Poetic, beautifully written and researched, this book is a great read for baseball fans, historians and those interested in astrology. An absolutely unique piece of writing … Kim Shuck, Poet Laureate of San Francisco, author Deer Trails and Smuggling Cherokee.